Sharing Responsibility With your Children

We'll be sharing simple, practical tools and techniques that you can use at any time.

  • Relax deeply in a way that will help let go of having to control everything and always be in charge.

  • Discover the stages your child will go through as they take more responsibility for themselves and their own learning.

  • Learn how to hold a family community meeting so your kids gain practice in taking responsibility.

Your Hosts

Sarah McCrum

Sarah spent 10 years interviewing children all over the world for BBC Radio and 20 years as a coach for business owners and their families.

Andy Smallman

Andy founded a visionary community school in Seattle, based on the principles of kindness and love which he ran for 24 years. He now coaches families.

Karen Sperling

Karen has been the parent of 7 at-risk, interracial, adopted children, mother of one of her own and a grandmother of 14. She's also the author of interactive children's books.