Discover a more relaxed way of working

Working light is a more evolved way of working than working hard or working smart. It’s relaxing and enjoyable and it produces better results with less effort. 

It’s rooted in ancient Chinese principles of health and wellbeing, combined with 21st century expectations around life purpose and personal creativity. 

Create better results with more ease

It’s been developed through 30 years of personal research and training, 20 years of coaching and teaching business owners and seekers of personal development, 5,000 years of deep Chinese knowledge, and over 30,000 hours of working with people to help them create the life they want.

Typically, busy people say they gain up to 3 hours of additional productivity per day, by practising working light.

Follow simple steps to get started

  • 7 working light activations (30 minute audios) shift you directly into the energy of working light

  • 7 short talks (20 minutes audios) help you to understand and support the transformation in your energy

  • In 7 days you lay the foundation for further development of working light

  • Repeat as often as you like after you finish, or move onto the next level.

What do other people say?

What's included?

  • 2

    Working Light Activations

    • Activation: Working light - 22 mins

    • +20 The potential of working light - 18 mins

    • Activation: Relax and enjoy - 27 mins

    • +20 What happens when you relax and enjoy - 20 mins

    • Activation: Balance your energy when there's a lot to do - 26 mins

    • +20 The ingredients for balanced energy at work - 21 mins

    • Activation: Working with energy - 27 mins

    • +20 Working with energy - 21 mins

    • Activation: How to enjoy work - 27 mins

    • +20 Enjoyment is important - 22 mins

    • Activation: Working in flow - 27 mins

    • +20 The stages of flow - 23 mins

    • Activation: How light could you work? - 26 mins

    • +20 The technique of working light

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    What Next?

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