A Message from Sarah McCrum


If you ever feel life is treating you unfairly, especially if you've gone out of your way to do the right thing by other people, you're probably struggling with karma.

This is not some bizarre spiritual system of punishment that catches you out when you're not looking. It's a beautiful system of balance that gives you the power to change your life. It's been very misunderstood in modern culture, so you may not feel very clear what it is or what to do about it.

That's why I'm running a masterclass to teach you all about it.

My teacher told me I had some of the worst karma he'd ever seen. That explained why I felt very uncomfortable and disempowered, even though I'd done many years of personal development.

It was only when I got a deeper understanding of karma, and uncovered the beauty that lies behind this powerful teaching, that I found my inner freedom and was able to enjoy life at a level that I couldn't have imagined before.

And more significantly, I stopped sabotaging myself.

I want to share this knowledge with you, so you can also explore the freedom that's possible for you.

Sarah McCrum

Who Is This Masterclass For?

  • People whose career appears to have been sabotaged, often several times over

  • People who desperately want to have more impact in the world

  • People who feel they should be more successful, powerful and effective and can’t understand what’s stopping them

  • People who want to change the world and have a strong emotional charge about current power structures

  • Gamechangers, visionaries and lightbearers

  • Coaches, healers and evolutionary teachers

What Will You Learn?

  • How to recognise the signs of karma in yourself and others

  • What karma really is and what it isn’t

  • A step by step method for dealing with your own karmic patterns 

  • A practical karma clearing exercise on one of your major karmic patterns

  • How to turn around negativity and hurt so it becomes a source of power and light

What Will Be The Outcomes?

  • Move Forward

    You’ll experience relief and reduced self-sabotage in one major area of your life which will allow you to move forward.

  • Inner Peace

    You'll experience more joy, inner peace or freedom which will open up over the next few months.

  • Repeatable Process

    You’ll have a methodology you can apply over and over again when you discover other karmic patterns in life.

  • Compassion

    You'll be able to recognise when someone else is struggling with karma, which reduces judgement.

What's Included In the Course?


  • How long can I access the course

    You have lifelong access to all course materials. Since no one knows how long "lifelong" really is, if we need to close the platform in the future for any reason we will contact you and let you download everything before we close it.

  • How long does the process take?

    It usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Some people take longer, but it's not usually necessary.

  • How does the guarantee work?

    If you don't like the program you can email us any time within 30 days of purchase and we will refund you in full.

  • I've already done another of Sarah's online courses about karma. Do I need this course?

    If you've done private karma releasing with Sarah this course is perfect for practising the process on your own. If you've done a Karma Masterclass with Sarah before, the main difference is that this course has no interruptions from other people, so it's a lot easier to repeat whenever you need it.

  • I've done a retreat with Sarah. Is this course valuable for me?

    Yes, absolutely. The retreats are focused on experience but they don't teach the specifics, for example, the karma release process. Many of our retreat participants have significant issues with karma so this is the place to learn how to address it.

What Do People Say About This Course?

I can say that this is pretty amazing!!!


After so many years .. I’m finally done with that issue. It is no issue for me anymore. DONE. Most importantly, my feelings of constant stress with being around her have left me. NO feeling of guilt anymore, NO feeling of I can’t get it right for her, NO feeling of being a bad daughter anymore. NEUTRALITY.

Helped me move on in my life

Amy Zhu

With your help, I have been able to overcome and mend relationship problems which have persisted in my life for 10 years. Before enrolling in your course, I usually dealt with my negativity by either ignoring it or covering it with positivity. Unfortunately, those tactics never helped me "move on" in my life. Thankfully, your course did and again I am very thankful. The transformation thus far has been so remarkable I cannot express my gratitude in words.

It made my heart sing!

Amanda B

On another note I wanted to tell you about my hubby. This conversation was one of the most beautiful and uplifting ones we have ever had as he explained how happy he feels and he put it all down to me doing your courses and subsequently changing myself which had somehow changed him too. He explained how he has started feeling different, how he has noticed more people giving him compliments (in my opinion he's always got them, he's just never allowed them in), etc. and overall he feels more positive about life.

It changed my world

Tiffany L

When you do this you finally learn an easier way to shed this part of your life for good, so that the world is not only viewed differently by you but you learn how to see everything through the eyes of someone who knows how to figure out once and for all, at the core, why it is happening, where it began, how you played your part, and the deal-maker of a lifetime... how to finally fix it all so it NEVER happens again. It changed my world, my life, and my loving relationships. I now get the clients I deserve, the love I always wanted, and the freedom to live without prejudices flooding my life.