Open your heart and create more generosity and love in your life

When your heart is open you feel at ease and you experience the best of what human life has to offer. Trust is your natural state of being, life feels benign and you're relaxed and at peace with yourself. 

It doesn’t take much for your heart to close down – an insult, a hurtful comment, a misunderstanding, an event that triggers something painful from the past. And you may stay closed for a long time.

This is the way resentment and disappointment build up over the years and turn into bitterness and regret. “She’s never going to change,” or “He’s always been the same so I can’t expect anything else now.”

Take responsibility in your relationships

Of course, you can keep on standing up again and again, hurt but refusing to be broken. You become tougher and harden yourself against the pain and constant disappointment. Alternatively, you can escape into spirituality and try to meditate the pain away. Or you can slip into depression and hopelessness. Or you can be relentlessly positive, but beneath the surface, you're hurting more than you dare to admit.

What’s most exciting right now is that more and more people are becoming aware that turning away from relationships doesn’t solve any of the problems, and that you need to face up to your own responsibility in any relationship that is not working.

Follow a reliable 12 step process of deep forgiveness

There's a process for opening your heart, which you can follow step by step, and it actually works. It transforms relationships without you even needing to talk to the other person.

When you truly open your heart, especially where it looked like there was no hope of reconciliation, it's transformative not only for yourself but for everyone else around you.

In this course, called Open Your Heart, I've been truly impressed at the courage of participants in facing up to relationships that have been surrounded by confusion, deception and struggle, and hurting sometimes for 20 or more years. The release and relief that arise when you understand why this was happening to you is hard to imagine until you experience it. 

Repeat it as often as you need

You can follow the process over and over again, with all the relationships in your life that have ever troubled you, and you'll start to experience a level of peace that you may never have known before. 

The more peace you experience within yourself the more you'll find that people are behaving peacefully towards you. And that creates space for you to love and be loved in a way that is only possible when your heart is open.

What do other people say about this course?

Isobel Pereira

I've been through this course/personal process more than once and I can't recommend it enough. I know some concepts are so commonplace nowadays, but actually living the "Open your heart" process has put me face to face with the value and meaning of expressing needs, Forgiveness, Love and Empathy. All of these towards the Other and the Self. When undergoing this healing process of opening my heart, I felt that a thread of deep wisdom was ahead of me, allowing me to take my own steps, and at the same time, not letting me go astray. That's why I'm so grateful for having come across Sarah's words and teachings and for the way she's provided the course in so well-paced, manageable steps, with so tender relaxations to get us prepared for the day's hardships (utterly rewarded in the end!), and the clear wise words for the real task.

Tiffany Litherland

You are prepared for these moments with comfort and support and yet a raw honesty that you will not encounter anywhere else. You stand there facing yourself; facing your truth, not just the role you played in creating the problems you are suffering with but the painful truth that you are the source of your troubles, you attracted all of this into your world just by thinking, and being, and judging the world through tainted lenses; blaming the world for not understanding you, or not loving you...When you do Open Your Heart you finally learn an easier way to shed this part of your life for good, so that the world is not only viewed differently by you but you learn how to see everything through the eyes of someone who knows how to figure out once and for all, at the core, why it is happening, where it began, how you played your part, and the deal-maker of a lifetime... how to finally fix it all so it NEVER happens again. It changed my world, my life, and my loving relationships.

Caryn Dudarevitch

It creates profound healing, rebuilds love and respect and gives you understanding of why we get hurt in relationships. Although I chose to focus on a family relationship for the Open Your Heart process, what happened is that my heart opened to love itself. And that pure love began to manifest itself virtually everywhere possible…reflecting love back to me…at incredibly intense levels. What I found was that in every situation, negative and positive, the experience of love with a purely open heart was the only force that mattered…almost frightening at times, because the innocence of it and the reality of it defied human logic. It wasn’t easy but it was simple…sincere observations…raw emotions…fun. So in every aspect of my life these days, I’m moving forward with love for all, more importantly, love for me, the only thing one can really do when faced with a questionable relationship – eyes wide open and feet on the ground. In the end, I clearly see me. What could be more illuminating?

What's included?

  • 1

    1. Why Open Your Heart?

  • 2

    2. What's the problem?

    • It starts with dissatisfaction

    • Relaxation - 14 mins

    • Why we experience relationship problems

    • Journal

  • 3

    3. Who do you blame?

    • Be honest about blame

    • Relaxation - 12 mins

    • Exploring Blame

    • Journal

  • 4

    4. How do you feel?

    • Why are feelings important?

    • Relaxation - 11 mins

    • How to find your true feelings

    • Journal

  • 5

    5. What are they showing you about YOU?

    • Why see the mirror

    • Relaxation - 13 mins

    • How to see what's really going on

    • Journal

  • 6

    6. How are they helping you?

    • Your enemy is your best friend

    • Relaxation - 12 mins

    • Appreciating the other person

    • Journal

  • 7

    7. How can you forgive them?

    • Forgiving with your heart

    • Relaxation - 12 mins

    • How to forgive

    • Journal

  • 8

    8. How can you forgive yourself?

    • The power of self forgiveness

    • Relaxation - 12 mins

    • How to forgive yourself

    • An important note about God and forgiveness

    • Journal

  • 9

    9. What do you really really want?

    • Looking forward again

    • Relaxation - 12 mins

    • Getting clear on what you want

    • Journal

  • 10

    10. Who comes first?

    • Why you are the most important person in your life

    • Take care of your health

    • Take care of how you feel

    • Appreciate yourself and your life

    • Relaxation 11 mins

    • Putting yourself first is not selfish

    • Journal

  • 11

    11. What is your commitment to yourself?

    • The value of long term commitment

    • Relaxation - 12 mins

    • Making a commitment to yourself

    • Journal

  • 12

    12. The Golden Rule

    • Making peace

    • Relaxation - 13 mins

    • Make peace in all your relationships

  • 13

    Take It Further

    • Open Your Heart condensed version

    • Learn More

The rewards of being open-hearted flow into every area of your life

As your contentment and ease grow your health will naturally improve. You will no longer be pumping negative chemicals through your body with thoughts of bitterness, anger, resentment, despair or disappointment. 

The emotional balance that arises will help you work more effectively and efficiently (less wasted time and less mistakes) and if you have your own business you can expect increased income and success as a result. 

These are rich rewards for a process that is intrinsically simple. Anyone can do it, as long as you're willing to be honest with yourself. 

At times you may want to run away and not face your own part in the situation, but if you stick to it the discomfort will dissolve remarkably quickly and then transform. 

You'll feel lighter and you'll see people differently. You won’t want to blame others for your pain any more and this will give you freedom as you take back your power and take full responsibility for your own life.