If You Could Ask Money A Question, What Would It Be?

Money is a powerful, generous and loving energy. But most people don’t know this.

They only know what they heard from their parents, ministers, teachers and the media growing up, which, too often was distorted by their conditioning and experiences with money.

Sarah McCrum has had a very different experience with money and in this course she's joined by Sandie Sedgbeer to help you dismantle your misconceptions about and start making friends with money.

Part discussion, part revelatory course on releasing your fears and issues around money, Recreate your Relationship With Money will tackle the most common questions we all have about money.

It cuts right through the “heady stuff” to reveal the secrets of how love and money are interlinked in ways that we have never imagined, and in the process transform our beliefs about and our relationship with money.

  • 1. The essence of money as an energy and consciousness that touches every aspect of our lives and links us all together across the planet.

  • 2. How much do you value yourself and what you do? How much do you think your services are worth? What value do you place on the gifts, strengths, and skills you possess? And how much value do you place on others?

  • 3. According to the Law of Attraction, what you pay attention to grows, and what you’re afraid of expands. If this is true, how can you focus your attention and intention to create better outcomes for yourself and others?

  • 4. Taking a look at the technology of manifestation, and what you can do right now, today, to ensure that money is more abundant in your life tomorrow.

  • 5. Understanding your stories about what money is, where you elevate it in ways that you shouldn’t, and how you can create better, more fulfilling money stories.

  • 6. Although freedom is widely regarded as one of the primary benefits that comes with having money, few of us really understand that there’s a deeper secret to be revealed about the link between money and freedom.

Each conversation is so much more than talk. Just by listening to them, you receive a transmission of energy that you can sense directly. This is the first step of transformation. When your energy changes your life changes. 

In addition, Sarah shares six 30-minute Energy Activations with you. They are deeply relaxing, healing and opening audios that will help you recreate your relationship with money from the inside. 

What's included?

  • 1


    • Instructions | How To Do This Course

    • Support | How To Get Help

  • 2


    • Session 1 | Money and love

    • Session 2 | Value and worth

    • Session 3 | Attention and intention

    • Session 4 | The technology of manifestation

    • Session 5 | The power of our money stories

    • Session 6 | Money and freedom

  • 3


    • Reading | What Is An Activation And How Does It Work?

    • Activation 1 | Love and money - 33 mins

    • Activation 2 | Recognise your value - 21 mins

    • Activation 3 | A focused mind - 28 mins

    • Activation 4 | Manifesting - 27 mins

    • Activation 5 | What Are Your Stories About Money - 26 mins

    • Activation 6 | Experience inner freedom - 20 mins

Sandie Sedgbeer

Sandie Sedgbeer is a writer and broadcaster who cut her teeth in the ultra-competitive world of British newspapers and magazines. She is the author of 6 non-fiction books published by major international publishing houses, and editor, ghostwriter, and coach for countless others. She is the founder of The No. B.S. Spiritual Book Club, and veteran Talk TV/Radio show presenter, and host of OMTimes Magazine’s weekly flagship radio show, WHAT IS GOING OM. Sandie combines her love of conversing with leading thinkers, scientists, authors, educators and spiritual teachers. author, with her work as a Resonance Marketing. Media, and Book and Magazine Publishing Consultant.

Sarah McCrum

Most people experience fear and stress around money and they’re not aware how much it’s influencing their business, financial and family life, and their impact in the world. Sarah is a teacher and author who offers a practical, relaxed approach through her courses, workshops, books and audio and video recordings. Her work is based on her book, Love Money, Money Loves You, and is founded on 30 years of personal practice, 22 years of training with Chinese Masters and two decades of coaching business owners and leaders.

What people say about this approach to money

This message is true

John Scott

I know in all truth that my relationship with money has changed. I see it in my bank accounts, the willingness I have to repay what I owe, that I no longer fear money and need to spend it as soon as I have it. This message is true, I have no doubt at all.

It's all changing

Shoba Satya

After first exposure to your soft and radical perspective on money it's all changing. My world is changing. I'm releasing old stuck stuff on all levels. Money and I are resolving and healing. I love this new life!

The real deal

Susan Q. Shaner

You are the real deal - authentic, accessible and grounded. I have taught and been taught many courses in the corporate world and personal healing world for thirty years and yours is most powerful. THANK YOU for showing me a different way - personally and professionally.

Feel the energy of money

Emma Burton

I realised I had been deflecting money I had the image of holding up a big mirror so it could come to me and I could use it to share with others and pay for things etc. - but I was not allowing it into my being to give me sustenance! This felt huge. When I recognised this I felt able to let go of that and to really feel the energy of money - as a beautiful energy to connect with and really embody.

Wonderful messenger

Victoria Castle

I've been a trainer/teacher/speaker for 30 years. Have seen the best, have worked with the best, and have been highly ranked in that world - in my particular domain. So my praise of you is well-grounded and I share it freely. :) I describe you as having the cleanest energy of any teacher I've met, not laced with ego or apology. You are a wonderful, congruent messenger for the message you are sharing.