What Is Money Really?

I invite you to contemplate the possibility that money really is energy, it’s really here to help you, it’s really available to every single one of us, and it’s really unlimited. This becomes a catalyst for many other changes that follow, as you shift your energy, the way you work, and your contribution.

  • The Challenge

    Most people experience fear and stress around money and they’re not aware how much it’s influencing their business, financial and family life, and their impact in the world.

  • The Keys

    When you transform your relationship with money, yourself and your life, you're free to do more good, make more money and feel great at the same time.

  • The Invitation

    In this short course you're invited to discover how to make this transformation and become relaxed, on purpose and successful at creating the impact you dream of.

What people are saying about Sarah McCrum

Shelli Boucher

Tears are rolling down my face right now as I just heard that beautiful message from money come through Sarah’s mouth in the webinar...WOW. I’ve heard the phrase “money is energy” hundreds of times in the last few years and I’ve felt like I intellectually understood those words. But in that moment this morning I could actually FEEL the life behind money.

Paul Dunn

Our conversations are the most expansive (yet beautifully grounded) and inspiring conversations I’ve ever had. They come at a really important moment in my life. Deeply grateful.

Marci Shimoff

I've been singing Sarah's praises everywhere, as she is brilliant, insightful and wise. Her book Love Money, Money Loves You is a gamechanger. If you want transformation around abundance, embrace Sarah's work, and you’ll see results.

Course Contents

  • 1


    • Before You Start | A Personal Note From Sarah

    • Preparation | Connect With Yourself

  • 2

    The Challenge

    • Getting Clear | What do you want?

    • The Roots | Why Is It So Hard?

    • About Sarah | How Did This Story Start?

  • 3

    Three Keys

    • Take Aways | 3 Keys To Doing Good, Feeling Good And Making Good Money

  • 4


    • Orientation | Where To From Here?

  • 5

    The Leading Edge

    • Information | The Leading Edge

    • Book | Discovery Call

    • What Participants Say | About The Leading Edge

  • 6

    Thank You Money

    • 12 Month Program | Thank You Money

    • Sign Up Bonuses | Current

    • Summary | What's The Real Point?

    • Purchase | Thank You Money

  • 7

    RESET Your Relationship With Money

    • Your Energy of Money Score

    • The Energy of Money Scorecard

    • Short Course | RESET Your Relationship With Money

  • 8

    Book and Virtual Book Club | Love Money, Money Loves You

    • Introduction | How I Wrote The Book

    • Book | Chapter 1

    • What People Say | About The Book

    • Order Book| Love Money, Money Loves You

    • 28 Day Course | Virtual Book Club

  • 9

    Free | Resources

    • Explore | Podcasts, Social Media and Ebooks

  • 10

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