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Open up to creativity and beauty

If you want to touch into a deeper level of creativity and share more beauty with the world, these audios will help you connect with your inner muse and express your true self through your art and your life.

Way more powerful than meditation

  • From 6 to 8 minutes, perfect to help you relax and connect at any time of day.

  • The special combination of words, music and energy combine to touch you deep inside and reconnect you with love and beauty.

  • Perfect for stimulating creativity and inspiration.

Unique audio activations combining spoken word and music

Music is a language without words. When we bring together words and their energy with music, they enhance each other, making transformation faster and more powerful. 

These transformances arose out of a unique collaboration between Sarah McCrum and multi-Emmy Award-winning composer, Gary Malkin. They were created as spontaneous improvisations in a studio, and they connect you quickly and directly to your true self.

What's included?

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    • Do You Ever Wonder Why You're Here - 7 min

    • How Do I Find My Muse - 8 min

    • Vulnerabilty - 7 min

    • Will Power - 6 min

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